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Total of Money Raised as of 12/13/2017 = $389.22


VIP Toilet

Ventilation Improved Pit (VIP) Toilet and a Sanitation Washing Station. The VIP toilet and washing station improves sanitation which in turn improves the health of women and children. People take for granted the luxury of a nice, clean, sanitary toilet and the health benefits it grants. Help build a toilet for the women of Eratap. 

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Shipping Solar Flashlights

The use of kerosene lanterns for lighting is not only inefficient but is dangerous for health. The organization Extend the Day has donated 50 solar powered flashlights for the women and families of Eratap to use not only in their new house but also in their personal lives. Women will be able to practice reading at night and children will be able to complete their homework. 

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