First Day of class at TSMU   being in the White Coat which is compulsory for medical student to wear on campus.

First Day of class at TSMU being in the White Coat which is compulsory for medical student to wear on campus.

Medical School...

Georgia State Medical University – TSMU US-MD Program

Recently, I have been admitted to the Doctor of Medicine (MD) program at Tbilisi State University in Georgia and have commenced studies on October 16, 2017. I was awarded a partial scholarship by the Georgian Government Ministry of Education and Cultural Exchange Program.  The USMD Program is a bilateral program between Tbilisi State Medical School and Emory University school of Medicine. It is a six-year program by which the student is required to spend four years at Tbilisi State University as an international cultural exchange initiative undertaking the medical science courses and another two years at Emory University doing clinical rotary at the University’s affiliated medical centres and hospital in Atlanta Georgia, USA. After medical school, students have the choice to seek internship and residency placement in US hospitals or Universities, or return to their home country to undertake it. I am looking forward to a career in Medical research. 

The Challenge remains…

I must first admit that into order to get into Medical school in the United States is a "camel through the eye of a needle" procedure, especially if you’re a foreign national. Medical Education has the most expensive tuition fees and you need to be an American citizen in order to qualify for federal student loans. During, the past three years, I have worked very hard preparing funding proposals and seeking funding to continue with my medical education while working as the Health and WASH Coordinator at the Vanuatu Red Cross Society. A big sincere Mahalo to the “Melanesian Women Today” who’ve helped set up an online fundraising platform  to raise funds for my tuition and living allowances by which I received several donations.  The Georgian government scholarship covers fifty-five percent of my tuition, and thirty percent of my living allowances, therefore, I still need to additional fund to cover the remaining tuition and living allowances which makes a total of $ 96,000 USD for the entire program, $16,000 USD each year.

Therefore, I am humbly requesting your donation and support to help me finance my tuition and living expenses.

 With this financial burden in mind, that passion never grow weary because I have always believed that “where there is a will, there is always a way” and I continue to seek guidance through prayer and advice from senior advisors. I have always believed that each and every individual person on this earth are endowed/gifted with unique talents and skills by the creator to achieve their dreams/goals in life- even the impossible dreams. No one is smarter than another person. But, it is how long you persevere in finding the solution to a problem or life challenges that it is then you know you finding your way out through the tunnel of life.

Thank you,

Sandrine Mogeror