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2019 Melanesian Women Today Annual Progam descriptions and Budget


Under the direction of Dr. Mere Tari Sovick (www.drtarisovick.com), Melanesian Women today will conduct a qualitative research study on the ground in Port Vila, Vanuatu. In conducting the study, Dr. Sovick will interview 5 to 10 women business owners who have been successfully running their own business for more than 5 years. The study will focus on how these women removed negative barriers, or constraints, in order to successfully run their business. Once the interviews have been conducted, the audio files will be transcribed and an analysis will be conducted of the data using established scholarly case study research procedures. This study is a replication of the research Dr. Sovick conducted in completing her dissertation. The results will be published in an academic peer reviewed journal.   

Output: The research will produce a collection of strategies that successful women use to stay in business longer than 5 years.   

Production of an Educational Podcast

Upon the completion of the research and the discovery of of strategies successful business women use to stay in business for longer than 5 years, an educational podcast will be created. The podcast will be a series podcast and the number of episodes will depend on the results of the research. A podcast is an excellent medium for the South Pacific because of the long tradition of oral story telling. The podcast will be marketed to potential women business owners in Vanuatu, Fiji, the Solomon Islands, and Papua New Guinea through the Melanesian Website, the iTunes store, Facebook, and email. 

Output: A series podcast with multiple episodes, where each episode targets and tells the story of a constraint that successful business women have overcome in order to stay in business. 

2019 Melanesian Women Today Proposed Budget:

Travel Costs Travel costs within Vanuatu including public transit and car rentals to travel to interviews, meetings, and errands. $2000
Interviews Time spent interviewing research participants $1000
Equipment, internet, and software Monthly internet fees, microphones, batteries, data analysis software $1000
Podcast Creation
Production Time spent producing, planning, putting together the podcast episodes, and publishing them. Software & Equipment $3000
Software and Equipment Computer, audio editing software, and internet access $1000
Total Budget $8000 USD
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