Melanesian Women Today is the VOICE of the Melanesian Women, Mothers and Girls throughout the South Pacific Countries and the Globe.

We focus on contemporary issues that are affecting the well-being and lifestyle of women and families in the Melanesian islands today. It addresses the effects of the global economic crisis on the livelihood of women and their children particularly on serious gender specific consequences.

While women (and men) in most Melanesian countries are vulnerable to increased risk of poverty and hardship, gender susceptibility to negative impacts are especially at high risk. Topics such as the impact of the pre-existing high infant mortality rates, gender disparity on education and women’s economic empowerment will also be addressed and more.

Our Mission is to give women and girls in the Melanesian countries a Voice through:

-Violence Against women
-STEM (Science Technology Engineering and Math)

Health & Wellness
-Improving the quality of Rural Health Care
-Women's Health
-Preventative care for women and chidren

-Empowering women sustainable entrepreneurs by providing education, and digital resources.
-Supporting women with continued professional development.